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The Bread Mixes

Currently available in White or Brown, our bread mixes are hand-made from a carefully crafted blend of gluten free flours and ingredients and are easy to mix and bake. Treat yourself to perfect home baked bread - without the gluten!



We recommend using a 3lb (extra-deep) farmhouse loaf tin to bake your bread, this will help achieve a great rise. The ideal size is 21cm x 13cm with a depth of 12cm. You can purchase one online from or Amazon.

The easiest way to mix up your bread is in a stand mixer using the paddle attachment or in a food processor. You can make up the mix by hand, but it will require a lot of vigorous beating with a wooden spoon.


How to Use

Simply follow the mixing, proofing and baking directions on the back of the pack. We recommend storing your unopened mixes in a cool and dry place until you are ready to bake.

Don't be alarmed if you are used to baking bread with gluten - this is completely different! The bread mixes create a thick batter rather than a dough, and there is no need for kneading - simply mix well.

Even though it's a challenge, ensure that you allow your loaf to cool completely before slicing!

Once cooled, store baked bread well wrapped in clingfilm. You can also store it slice in the freezer - if it lasts that long!

Our mixes don't contain preservatives so the bread will be at it's best eating on the day of baking, but it will last for 3 days, or up to a month frozen.



If you are combining packets of bread mix to make more than one loaf, you can mix them together and multiply the quantities of eggs, oil and water as required. Once mixed, the weight of batter per loaf will be approx. 780g. Weigh it directly out into you greased loaf tins, and then continue to proof and bake as directed.

To enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning we like to mix up a loaf before bed, pop it into a greased tin and then leave in the fridge overnight for a slow rise. When you're ready to bake, turn on the oven to pre-heat and take the tin from the fridge to bring it up to a room temperature. When the oven is hot, dust with gluten free flour and bake!

Why not try baking your bread mixes cob-loaf style? Instead of using a loaf tin, grease a baking sheet before tipping the batter onto it. Shape using wet hands or a rubber spatula into an round or oval loaf shape that is roughly 3-4cm in height. Proof and bake as directed.

Why not add flavours to your loaves. Once mixed well, add in a handful of chopped nuts or seeds or a tablespoon or two of chopped herbs or chilli flakes, mix to evenly distribute and then proof and bake!